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The Light of Aloha Greeting Cards are an inspiring combination
of original nature images and uplifting quotes -
born from the inspiration to create something beautiful 
& uplifting to share with others, 

and to serve as a reminder that we are ALL on a sacred journey.

A journey that pursues our highest inspirations & deepest dreams.
They indeed, remind and encourage each of us to never give up 
on our aspirations and hopes - as they are what kindle and fuels
our inspirations - and ignites our dreams into reality.

And at times along life’s unfolding pathways and unexpected 
adventures - we need encouragement, support, and comforting.

Many friends and customers (now friends) have called to thank us 
for the inspiration, ray of hope, or sparkle of truth, they needed 
to hear - and found at just the right moment, via our inspirational 
Light of Aloha Greeting Card line.

Or perhaps you will find a insight that would be valuable 
or inspiring to a loved one, and you will share it with them
and help brighten and uplift their day.

You may also choose to tune deeply into the essence 
of each inspirational thought and repeat it as an affirmation, 
with clear intent and strong focus. Simply by redirecting 
and focusing our thoughts into a constant flow 
of positive and inspired thoughts – 

we can begin to draw into our lives the qualities, 
people, and circumstances, that will help create and support 
the foundation - for the new realities we aspire to

(for those of you who want to explore more in – depth approaches 
and methods to creating the life of YOUR dreams…
see the books section of this website.)

My highest hope - is that the Light of Aloha Greeting Cards 
 be a reminder and a mirror - of YOUR highest inspirations 
and deepest dreams, and moreover, help serve you with
valuable insights, clarity, and wisdom, on a journey 
that brings you the best of everything - 

May you experience each day as a sacred gift
embraced in the heart of wonder

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